Tips For Better Descriptions

Let's explore some tips and tricks that'll help you generate better descriptions for your brand.

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Regenerate Your Description

If the first set of generated descriptions isn't what you're looking for, you can regenerate another set—for free!

Just add more product features to help the AI understand your product better, then click " Re-generate" for a brand new set of descriptions.

Teach the AI

Just like a human copywriter, our AI learns more about your preferences over time and will gradually improve its output to match your needs.

If it's a description you like, click "Select". This allows you to "Mark as Done", which signals to the AI that you want more descriptions just like that.

Use the  "Downvote" button to indicate to the AI that the specific description doesn't align with your needs. This steers the AI away from such descriptions in the future.

When you click  "Downvote", there will be an option to let us know what went wrong with the generated description. We take in your responses to adjust the AI.

Tone of voice

You'll see colored writer styles above the generated descriptions. These include the styles "Fresh" and "Creative". 

Writer styles influence the tone of voice used to generate descriptions and helps to give your store a unique identity. Choosing one writer style across your catalog can help with consistent brand messaging.

We also offer unique writer styles to match the specific voice of your brand. For higher-level customizations of writer style, tone and structure, reach out to us at for a more personalized experience!

Optimizing Your Inputs

The quality of the generated descriptions also depends on the information that you provide the AI.

The " Product Features" field is particularly important because it has the greatest impact on the AI's output. Do check out our guide on Product Features!

If you need further support, please reach out to, and a member of our team would be more than happy to assist you.

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