Managing Catalogs

A catalog is a collection of products. It allows you to organize your products by season, brand or any other attributes of your choice.

In this article, you'll learn how to edit and manage catalogs in your workspace.

Creating & Editing Catalogs

Click on "New Catalog" on the top right hand side to create a new catalog.

You'll be taken to the empty catalog. To rename the current catalog, simply click on "Edit" and make your changes.

You can also delete the current catalog via the same pop-up. Note that this action cannot be undone.

Catalog Tags

Catalog Tags are tags that will automatically apply to all products within the catalog.

All descriptions generated for the catalog will be shaped by these tags. This helps to create more cohesive product descriptions across your products.

To add Catalog Tags, click on "Show Advanced Fields" in the "Edit Catalog" pop-up.

Catalog Management

Clicking on "Catalogs" on the top left corner will take you to the main page where you will find all your catalogs. Here, you can rename, duplicate or delete your catalogs.

There is also a Search function that allows you to look up catalogs by their names or the products they contain.

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