Product Descriptions: Bulk Actions

Batch actions are powerful because they allow you to speed up your workflow and generate descriptions for whole catalogs in a matter of minutes.

Importing Products

The "Import Products" function saves you time by allowing you to quickly upload many products. To prevent any errors when generating descriptions, limit each catalog to 5000 items.

You can find the "Import Products" button just under the Product Tabs. Click on it and an "Import Products" pop-up will appear. You can drag and drop your CSV or XLSX file containing your product information.

We recommend you download our sample CSV template to ensure that your data is formatted correctly. You will need to provide your product title, image source, brand, and product features.

Click "Next" and your products will be uploaded into the catalog.

Bulk Generation

The "Bulk Generate" feature allows you to generate descriptions for an entire catalog with just a single click. The "Bulk Generate" button is located just below the search bar.

Under "Bulk Generate" you can choose to generate descriptions for all products under the current product tab or page. You can also manually select a list of products to generate descriptions for.

You can easily track bulk generation jobs by clicking on the Timer icon next to the "Bulk Generate" button.

The "Bulk Generation Jobs" pop-up will show you the status of all bulk generation jobs across all catalogs.


If some product descriptions fail to generate, select the "Filter" button located just beside the search bar and click "Failed to Generate" to filter out all the products whose descriptions did not generate. You will not be charged any words for failed generations.

Once you have filtered your products, click the "Regenerate" button beside the "Mark as Done" button to regenerate descriptions individually or click "Bulk Generate" again to re-generate descriptions for the products that have failed descriptions all at once.

Exporting Product

Once you're done, you can download your products and the generated descriptions using the "Export Products" function. The "Export Products" button is just beside the "Import Products" button

A pop-up will appear once you've clicked the button. You can choose to export all products in the catalog or just the products within the current tab.

After you hit "Export", your products and the generated descriptions will be downloaded into a CSV file. You will find the descriptions appended to the end of each row.

If you need further support, please reach out to and a member of our team would be more than happy to assist you.

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