Write a Factual Article with the Blog Article Workflow

The blog article workflow is a great way to streamline your article production, plus ensure that content is factual and well-researched. In a step-by-step workflow, you'll be able to create a title, to building a through outline, and finally create a full article.

In this article

Watch our 11 min tutorial to get an overview of how to write a blog article with this workflow.

First, navigate to the blog article workflow. You can do this by going to 'Documents' and clicking 'Blog article'.



Give our AI some context to generate blog title ideas:

  • Describe your topic: Add one sentence about your subject topic.
  • Primary keyword: This is the primary SEO keyword you'd like to optimize your article for, and our AI will use this through the title, outline and article. We recommend doing keyword research with a tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush. Add up to 3 keywords or phrases for each article, but we recommend that you stick to one primary keyword.
  • Tone: How you want your article to sound. You can choose a few options, or even describe your own tone. You can name famous people, a specific author you admire or even for who your target audience is.

Once you're done, click  "Generate titles" to start generating some creative blog titles. Once generated, you can click on the title cards to edit them as you wish.

Optional: More customizations

Under the more customizations section, you can also add some optional additional context to help the AI write more targeted content.

Change point of view

Address your readers from a certain perspective.

  • First person: The article will be written using "I" or "We"
  • Second person: The article will be written using "you"
  • Third person: The article will be written using "they"

Adding a call to action

  • Describe your audience: Cater the blog post to your target audience. This is helpful if you'd like your audience to take an action, or to add a call to action in the article.
  • Describe your brand: Adding this will give the AI information about your business to promote in the article.
  • Describe your product or service: Adding this will give the AI information to weave in a specific product or service in the article. You should briefly describe its features and benefits and unique selling points.

Writing your own title

Already have a title in mind? Use the 'Write your own title' switch to do so.

Choose your favorite title and click "Next: create outline" to start generating your article outline.


On this step, your first outline ideas will appear on the right pane.

Select your favorite outline and click "Next" to proceed to the next step.

Adding more headings

Combining and reordering and section headings

For a more comprehensive outline, generate more outlines and drag and drop between different outlines to combine them, as well as reorder them within your selected outline.

 Add key points for more control over your article (optional)

Use the Content Detective tool to research factual content

For any heading that you want to research, click the 'Research' button, and our AI will extract top insights from across the internet on real time, up to date news. These key points will be used to guide the AI in what to write in the article. 

Want to learn more about Content Detective?

Add your own key talking points to guide the AI

You can optionally choose to give the AI guidance by writing additional key points for each heading section. 

Click the '+' button to add key points, then type in your point and hit 'Enter' to add the point.

Tips on using key points

  • Key points work best as short bullet points.
    • Instruct the AI: You can add a key point as an instruction, like "Mention a list of 5 pros and cons in this section"
    • Add content to cover: You can add a specific point of content to cover, like "Talk about the great amenities in this museum"
  • The AI will use any longer key points verbatim, so avoid long key points unless you want a specific quote or sentence to be used.

Select your favorite outline and click "Next" to proceed to the next step.

 Write your article

Click  "Generate article" to start generating. 

If you want to generate more paragraphs, select the H2 points that you want to generate again, and click  "Regenerate article"

 Expand your content with Continue writing

Use the 'Continue writing' feature to add more detail to an already generated article.
Think of 'Continue writing' as a magic autocomplete that recognizes commands and patterns that are already in your section.
Clicking 'Continue writing' will autocomplete text using AI, from where your text cursor is positioned in the editor. Our AI will detect what you've already written for that section, recognize the patterns of what you've written and add more detail to it.

Tip: Press cmd/ctrl + Enter  to continue writing.

Some possibilities:

  • Give the AI a hint: Cue the AI on what the additional content should cover by writing a sentence starter for it. Typing "For example," followed by clicking the 'Write more' button will give you a paragraph that goes into an example.
  • Command the AI: You can also command our AI to write anything you like. Typing "Here's a list of actionable tips:" will give you a list of bullets of tips based on your written content.

Learn more about 'Continue writing' here.


 Check, export, download or share

Plagiarism checker

Our plagiarism checker, powered by Copyscape, the top plagiarism checker on the web, is a great way to ensure your documents are unique. All you have to do is copy and paste or upload the documents or webpages you need to check for plagiarism. Our tool will quickly scan for any instances of plagiarism in your work, and show you matches found.

Read more about our Copyscape integration.


Publish to WordPress

Our Wordpress integration makes it easy to export article from Hypotenuse AI directly to Wordpress, ready for publish. All you need to do is select Publish to WordPress from the Export dropdown menu and connect your Wordpress account. After that, you'll be able to save posts as a draft in Wordpress, or publish directly to your Wordpress site.

Export to PDF, DOCX, or TXT

You can export documents in the different formats directly from the platform. Just click the Export icon and select the desired format. This will allow you to easily transfer documents to and from other platforms.

Sharing a public link

Sharing an article publicly is a great way to get feedback from your team, or to even just share your work with the world. Simply click the 'Share' button, then 'Publish' to get a public link to your article that you can share.

If you need further support, please reach out to hello@hypotenuse.ai and a member of our team would be more than happy to assist you.

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