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Hypotenuse AI's Continue writing feature is an incredibly powerful tool, providing autocompletion magic powered by AI. With the Continue writing feature, you can let it continue writing for you freestyle, or you can provide instructions to have it create content in different formats or cover different topics. This guide will teach you how to use the Continue writing feature to get the most out of it.

Watch our tutorial below to understand more about Continue writing.

Continue writing

Use the Continue writing feature to add more detail to an already generated paragraph.

Think of it as a magic command that recognizes patterns that are already in your section.

Once you've written some content in the blog article editor, you'll see the Continue writing button appear at the bottom of the editor. When you click the button, the AI will detect what you've already written for that section, recognize the patterns of what you've written and add more detail to it. 

Tip: Press cmd/ctrl + Enter  to continue writing.

What can you do with Continue writing?

1. Continue writing more, freestyle

Simply click 'Continue writing' at the end of your paragraph, and our AI will continue writing more detail for it. This is perfect for when you're stuck or need some inspiration to keep your content flowing.

2. Create or continue a list

Whether you're looking for actionable tips or a top 10 list related to your topic, Continue writing can do it all!

Try typing prompts like: "Here's a list of actionable tips:", then clicking the Continue writing button will give you a list of bullets of tips relevant to that section.

Insert "Here's a list of top 10 [topic]:", then clicking the Continue writing button will do the same!

3. Add an example to your section

Enhance your writing with illustrative examples. 

Type "For example," followed by clicking the 'Continue writing' button, and the AI will give you a paragraph that goes into a relevant example.

4. Ask AI to develop H3s for the section

Organize your content with well-structured subheadings. 

Type "Write a list of more subheadings for this section," followed by the 'Continue writing' button, and you'll receive a list of H3s to elaborate on for your section.

5. Ask for alternative phrasing or synonyms

If you're struggling to find the right words, ask for alternative phrasings or synonyms to help you express your ideas more clearly.

Type "Reword this sentence:" or "Provide a synonym for [word]," followed by the Continue writing button.

6. Develop persuasive arguments

When presenting an argument, generate a balanced list of arguments to provide you with a solid foundation for your discussion.

Type "Outline the pros and cons of [topic]," followed by the Continue writing button.

7. Simplify complex concepts

If your content involves complex ideas, use AI to provide a clear, easy-to-understand explanation that your readers will appreciate. 

Type "Explain [complex concept] in simple terms," and click the Continue writing button.

8. Add descriptive language

To make your content more engaging and vivid, use AI to generate a paragraph filled with descriptive language that appeals to the reader's senses.

Type "Describe [topic] using sensory details," followed by the Continue writing button.

9. Strengthen your call-to-action (CTA)

For a persuasive and effective CTA, use AI to craft a powerful CTA that encourages your readers to take action.

Type "Write a compelling call-to-action for [goal]," and click the Continue writing button. 

10. Create smooth transitions between sections

To ensure your content flows seamlessly, use AI to create a smooth and coherent transition between your sections.

Type "Write a transition from [previous topic] to [next topic]," and click the Continue writing button. 

11. Address common objections or questions

To make your content more comprehensive, generate a list of potential concerns or queries, which you can address in your writing.

Type "List common objections or questions about [topic]," followed by the Continue writing button.

12. Inject humor or a personal touch

To make your content more relatable and entertaining, leverage AI to generate a lighthearted or personal element that adds warmth to your writing.

Type "Add humor or a personal anecdote related to [topic]," and click the Continue writing button.

13. Optimize your content for readability

For a clear and concise writing style, rewrite your paragraph in a more reader-friendly way, without losing the essence of your message.

Type "Simplify this paragraph for better readability," followed by the Continue writing button.

With Continue writing, the possibilities are endless! Tailor your prompts to your specific needs, and let the AI help you create captivating, well-structured content for your blog articles and long-form writing that is tailored to your audience's needs.

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