Researching with Content Detective

It's common that AI is limited by its set of training data, which doesn't get updated constantly. What to do when you want to write about current news? Provide some talking points to our AI for it to write accurately about the topic.

A quick way to do this is to use our Content Detective tool to do a search for live, current talking points on the Internet that can help you write with higher fidelity and add authority to your content.

The research tool scours the web in real-time for relevant sources that can improve your blog content.

Learn more with our Content Detective overview video below.

How to conduct research for your article

After generating your blog outline, click the research button next to each of your paragraph headings in the outline block. 

When the research has been completed, the AI will generate the top three talking points it's understood from five sources listed at the bottom of the section, including helpful statistics and facts.

Adding your own talking points

Besides the researched talking points, if you have something you want to our AI to cover in the paragraph, you can continue adding your own talking points. A maximum of five key points are allowed for each section, otherwise the AI doesn't have enough space to write fluently on its own.

You can use the research function on as many points as you like, or simply not at all—it's optional.

How to view the sources

To check on the research sources, hover your mouse over a link and select it. A separate tab will open to show the researched webpage. 

If you would like to refine your research, simply edit your paragraph heading before clicking the research button again. Three additional key points will be added to the section according to your search terms. 


1. Do I have to use the research button to generate better articles? What’s the difference?

No, it is not necessary to use the research button. Articles which are more subjective in nature are perfectly fine without research. For example, a blog post about how delicious apples taste can be done without consulting external sources. 

In comparison, a blog post about the health benefits of eating apples would perform better with the inclusion of factual information sourced from the Internet. Using the research function appropriately increases the credibility of your blog content. 

We recommend using the Content Detective tool for factual content that would be best supported with basic research. 

2. Can I repeatedly research for the same points?

Yes, you can, but the AI won’t give you significantly different results unless you change your search terms. In order to get the most out of the tool, make sure that headings are sufficiently different so the AI runs through a bigger variety of online sources.

3. Does it cost additional credits?

At the moment, using the research function is free while in beta.

4. How does the AI decide which sources it selects?

The AI does a quick scan of the Internet to retrieve quality sources that are the most relevant. Typically, they include mainstream news articles, popular websites, and blog posts.

5. How do I add the sources to my article?

Click on the individual source to open the link in a new tab. From there, copy the URL to backlink it from your article, or cite it at the end of your article.

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