Point of View

Our AI is able to write in various styles, from different points of view, to help you write for various situations and audiences.

Perspective, or point-of-view (POV), is how you and/or your reader relate to the topic.

It can make your writing sound more formal or casual, personal or detached. Your choice of POV depends on the purpose of your blog post—for example, whether you’re recounting a personal experience, offering advice, or simply stating facts.

Under the Point of view field, you can select from 4 different POVs:

  • First-person: Write from an "I" (singular) or a "we" (plural) perspective – connect with your audience on a personal level and share your experiences.
  • Second-person: Write from a “you” perspective to address the reader directly. This brings you closer to your audience and makes your content more engaging.
  • Third-person: Write from a third-party perspective (they/he/she). Convey information concisely, or take a neutral stance on the topic.
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