Write better with Commands

Commands is a new feature on Documents that allows you to highlight some content, then ask AI to rework it, whether from your instructions or a list of pre-built commands.

How to use Commands

To use Commands, highlight your target text and choose from a list of pre-built commands we’ve curated, or write your own commands in the text box for AI to act on. Wait for a few moments, and the generated output will appear in a Commands box.

You can continue to work on the generated output by typing in more commands, or select from the list of ‘Edit & rewrite’ options.

Once you’re satisfied with the output, hit ‘Accept’ or ‘Replace’ to insert your generated output.

At any time, you may ‘Discard’ the generated output and try again with a different command.

Primary actions

  • Accept: inserts the generated output below the highlighted text
  • Replace: overwrites highlighted text with the generated output
  • Discard: throws away the generated output


You can choose from a list of in-built commands we’ve curated for you:

Create & draft

  • Keep writing: continues writing for you based on what has already been written
  • Create list: turns highlighted section into bullet points
  • Add example: provides an example to illustrate your point
  • Develop subheadings: suggests an outline for your highlighted section
  • Weigh pros and cons: presents both sides of the debate
  • Transition between ideas: offers a segue between two ideas
  • Add call-to-action: Inserts a compelling CTA to help with conversion

Edit & rewrite

  • Improve: corrects grammatical mistakes to sound better
  • Simplify: makes your ideas easy to understand
  • Shorten: trims words for a more concise phrasing
  • Expand: builds onto the highlighted text
  • Rephrase: rewords text without changing the original meaning

If none of these commands suit your needs, you can also write your own commands in the text box. Some ideas:

  • Write it more conversationally. Add a related anecdote about history at the beginning.
  • Explain this without using any technical jargon.
  • Rewrite this in a professional tone. Format the steps using numbered bullet points.
  • Draft a product email introducing this new feature.

Other editor tools in Documents

Documents is an AI-powered tool designed to help you write more efficiently and effectively.

Read about how you can write more with 'Continue writing' here.

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What is the main difference between Commands and Continue writing?

Both Commands and Continue writing are writing tools that help you write more easily. The ability of Commands to take in user instructions makes it a more versatile editing tool while Continue writing helps you to automatically write more within a given context.

Is Commands connected to the Internet?

Nope, Commands works locally according to your instructions. If you’re looking for a AI-powered online research tool, you can try out the Content Detective tool within our blog workflow.

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