Exporting & Publishing

On Documents, we have made it easy to export or publish your articles with just a click of a button.

Exporting your document

To download a copy of your article, click the export button to save your article as a PDF, Microsoft Word document (docx), or TXT (markdown) file.

Your downloaded file will appear in your downloads folder.

Publishing to WordPress

You can also use our Publish to WordPress feature to directly publish your AI-generated article onto WordPress.

First, go to Settings > Integrations to connect your WordPress site to your Hypotenuse account.

Follow the steps listed closely to connect your WordPress account. You will have to create a new application password with your WordPress administrator role account.

Refer to our WordPress Integration FAQs for details.

Once you've successfully connected your WordPress account, you'll be able to publish your documents directly to your site using the export button.

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