Defining Your Target Audience

Generate brilliant marketing content to connect with your Target Audience

In the competitive world of e-commerce, quality online marketing can be a distinguishing factor to improve traffic to your store and increase conversions. Specify your target audience to instantly create quality marketing material for Google, Instagram and Facebook Ads. 

Your target audience matters

To ensure that you are pitching to the correct audience, it would help to provide our AI with details of your target audience. Who are you marketing to and what would make them purchase? Try not to be too broad in the description of your target audience. For the best results, we recommend that you specify the use cases, areas of interest and demographics of your target market in simple and straightforward language. 

Vague target audience Instead, try:
Runners Urban, long-distance runners
Girls Teenage girls buying prom dresses
Parents Young, stay-at-home fathers

Also, try to refine your market material by inputting advertising Keywords and Product Types.

You can find these input fields on the left side of each template under 'More options'.

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