Using Templates

Documents are how you write long-form content with added AI capabilities and tools. Integrating Templates into Documents allows you to easily edit and manage generated content all in one place.

Select a Template

Start by clicking on New doc card to open up the Template Library.

Next, select a template you would like to use. For this help article, we will use the ‘Summarize content’ template as an example.

Detailed help guides for specific templates can be found here.

Fill in the required fields on the left panel and hit the Generate button. Once your content is ready, you can find them under ‘Drafts’ by scrolling down on the left generation panel.

Upvote, downvote, copy, or delete content cards that you no longer need by clicking on the respective icons located at the bottom of the generated content card.

Make use of our AI-powered editor

Each template now comes with an AI-driven document editor on the right so you can quickly edit and improve your content using other handy AI tools like Continue writing and Commands.

To copy the generated content into the editor, click on the ‘Insert into editor’ button located at the bottom-right of the generated content card.

A quick guide to our AI-powered editor.

Eager to master 'Continue writing'? Check out our tips here.

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