Error: "Are you sure you have the right file?"

If you receive this pop-up, the import CSV/XLSX file that you've submitted doesn't have the correct column headers.

Ensure that your file has the following headers:

  • title: The product title/name (required).
  • imgSrc: The source of your product image. This can either be the name of the image file you've uploaded as a zip file or a URL to an image online.
  • brand: The brand of your product.
  • tags: A list of features that describe your product. These will help our AI understand your product better.
  • sku: Your own reference ID that can help you search for the product within the app.

Your document should not include any other column headers. Feel free to use the CSV template provided at the bottom of the "Import Products" pop-up as a guide.

If you submit an incomplete file, our system will not be able to import your products. Please ensure that your CSV/XLSX file is complete before hitting "Submit".

If you need further support, please reach out to and a member of our team would be more than happy to assist you. 

If you find a bug in our application, please let us know at with the following information:

  • What device and browser type you were using.
  • The title of your copy and the rough time the error happened.
  • Screenshots, GIFs, or videos of the bug will help us plenty
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