Your Guide to Words

Words are your copywriting currency. On our subscription plans, you receive a specific number of words each month that you can use for your content generation.

As a predictive AI model, our AI writer is designed to craft content within a certain word range. It's important to note that if you're seeking content of a precise word count, we recommend that you fine-tune the AI-generated material to meet your specific requirements.

Blog Article

You can choose between short (~800 words), medium (~1,500 words), and long (~3,000 words) for your article length. Cut down or write more flexibly according to your content needs.

Product Descriptions

Each generated product description uses 100-150 words.

Marketing Copy

Each marketing copy tool, which include Google ads, Instagram captions, Facebook ads, headlines and taglines and more, are optimized according to industry guidelines (e.g. <30 characters for Google Ad headline). You can find the full list of templates here.

HypoChat & HypoArt

Usage of HypoChat and HypoArt are rate limited according to our fair use policy. Plan details can be found under "Current plan" on the Billing page.

How do I check my word balance?

You can see the number of words you have used in the sidebar. For a more detailed look at your word balance, head to the Billing page.

Do words roll over between months?

Words roll over month to month if you're subscribed to an annual plan. If you're on our monthly plans, words will be refreshed on a monthly basis on your billing date, so be sure to use up your words before the start of your next billing cycle. You can find your billing information on the Billing page.

Check out our Pricing page for a full range of plans available.

If you need more words, reach out to us at for a custom quote. We offer custom plans tailored to your volume required.

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