Your Guide to Credits

Credits are your copywriting currency. A different number of credits is needed for different types of content.

On average, 1 credit = 250 words generated.

Blog Posts

The number of credits required to generate an article depends on the number of paragraphs in your outline.

On average, 2-6 credits are required to generate an entire blog post.

Product Descriptions and Bulk Generation

1 credit generates two descriptions for a single product, or in any bulk generation content.

If you need more variations of your copy, you can regenerate two more descriptions for the same product for free once.

Marketing Copy

1 credit is needed for each marketing copy tool, which include Google ads, Instagram captions, Facebook ads, headlines and taglines and more. You can find the full list of templates here.

Do credits roll over between months?

No, credits don't roll over on monthly plans. Credits are refreshed on a monthly basis on your billing date, so be sure to use up your credits before your billing cycle. You can find your billing date on the Billing page.

Credits do roll over month to month if you're subscribed to an annual plan.

How do I check my credit balance?

You can track the number of credits from your profile button in the sidebar.

If you need more credits, reach out to us at for a custom quote. We offer custom credit plans tailored to your volume required.

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