How does Brand Voice Lite work?

With brand voice lite, you can generate content that lightly follows your brand voice. This is suitable for brands with a general tone of voice they want their content to be in, but don't have strict style or formatting rules to follow.

For brands that have detailed style guidelines like words to include or exclude, specific usage of punctuation and custom formatting like bullet points, paragraphing, our bespoke brand voice would better suit your needs.

To get started with brand voice lite, set your brand voice with our tone analyzer.

Analyze your brand voice

First, click on Settings.

Go to Brand voice.

Click on Add brand voice.

Here, you analyze your tone in a 3 ways:

  1. Adding a URL with content that embodies your brand voice
  2. Uploading a document of your brand voice
  3. Describing your brand voice in plain text

Our AI then will get to work and start analyzing your tone. You'll receive a personalized description of your brand voice. Give a recognizable name—you'll need this later.

After our AI analyzes your brand voice, you'll get a description of your brand voice. Here's an example:

Applying your brand voice

You can apply this brand voice to your blog articles. To do that, head to our blog writer. On the first step, hit the dropdown menu under Tone and you'll find your brand voice there.

Once you select it, your blog article will be written in your brand voice.

Brand voice lite is only available for blog writing at the moment, but we'll extend it to other content types soon. If you've questions, feel free to email us at

Comparison of brand voice lite and brand voice bespoke

Brand voice lite Brand voice bespoke

AI that learns from a single document to mimic your brand voice.

  • AI learns from a single document, uploaded by you or scraped from the web.
  • Self-serve brand voice set up.
  • Lightly follows your brand voice.

Custom trained AI model catered to your unique brand voice. Used by fortune 500 brands.

  • AI learns through in-depth training using past content and a collaborative feedback loop.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Sounds just like your brand.
  • Understand your team and company’s knowledge.
  • Precise style guide such as banned words, punctuation, and other stylistic elements.
  • Custom formatting such as bullet points, word length.
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