SEO Helper: Optimization checklist

Congratulations! You've generated a full article, taking into account top SERPs, PAAs and your primary keyword(s).

Before you hit publish, there're a few more steps you can take to ensure your article is at its fullest SEO potential.

SEO Helper highlights gaps and opportunities based on an article optimization checklist, gathered from top SEO teams and sites.

SEO Checklist


  1. Include primary keyword in H1 title
  2. Include primary keyword in the first 100 words
  3. Include primary keyword in at least 1 H2
  4. Aim for a keyword density (usage frequency of primary keyword) that's the same or less than that of your competitors


  1. Increase the reach of your article by turning it into a LinkedIn or Instagram post
  2. Increase likelihood of clicks by creating an optimized meta description


  1. Keep introduction to less than 8 sentences
  2. Keep paragraphs short, ideally less than 300 words
  3. Add more H2s to increase the depth of your content to match or exceed that of your competitors

(We're constantly enhancing SEO Helper's capabilities and updating this checklist for a more comprehensive article review.)

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