Managing Teams

Teams is a feature that allows you to collaborate seamlessly in a shared workspace with team members. Users in the same team draw from a shared pool of words and can easily access generated content within the shared workspace.

This feature is available to users on any of our Teams and Enterprise plans.

1. Roles

Within the team, you will be assigned one of the two roles below:


✓ Can generate content

✓ Can invite and remove team members

✓ Can change usage limits for team members

✓ Can manage plan and billing details


✓ Can generate content

× Cannot invite or remove team members

× Cannot change usage limits for team members

× Cannot manage plan and billing details

There can be more than 1 owner in the team.

2. Usage limit

Usage limit (per month) is the maximum number of words each member of the team can use in a given month. For example, if has a usage limit of 10,000 words, they will only be allowed to use up to 10,000 words every billing month.

You can choose not to assign any usage limits for the team.

Note: Only team owners can set usage limits for team members.

3. Access control

All the documents you create remain private until you're ready to share them with your team. This excludes documents created before June 2024, HypoChats, HypoArt and product catalogs.

You can provide access to your team members in 3 steps:

  1. Click on the three dots icon on the right side of your document
  2. Select Share

  1. Change it from No access to Full access

Only the creator can change the permission of the document. And once you've shared your document with the team, you can't change it back to private mode.


You can do the same for folders. You'll have to select private or team access when creating a folder. Once the folder is created, you'll not be able to change permissions.

All documents within the folder will follow the permission settings of the folder.

If a member leaves the team, all shared documents created by this member will belong to the team and any private documents will remain in the user's account.

Anyone with access to the document or folder can delete it.

4. Invite members

There are two ways you can invite team members onto your team:

  1. Share the invite link

Share the team invite link by clicking on “+ Invite members” then “Copy link”. Send the link to your team members for them to be automatically added to your team. They will be prompted to create a free Hypotenuse account if they don't already have one.

  1. Add their email accounts

Add your team members by inputting their emails and indicating the role they will play in the team. When you hit “Send invite”, your teammate will receive an invite in their mailbox. They should click on the “Join team” button to join. In the event that 5 users are already in the team, any additional members will not be allowed to join the team.

Note: Only team owners can invite members to join the team.

5. Switching plans

Switch easily to a different Teams plan by navigating to the “Plans” page and selecting a new plan.

If you switch to an Individual plan, all team members (minus yourself) will be evicted from the team.

Note: Only team owners can change plans on their accounts.

6. Billing and usage

All team members can check the team’s billing information and usage history under the “Billing and usage” tab.

7. FAQ

Q: What is the maximum number of user seats in a team?

Up to 5 users can be in the same team on our Teams plans. If you require more than 5 user seats, please chat with us via the in-app chat support or contact us for an Enterprise plan.

Q: I was invited to join by the team owner. Why can’t I join?

Teams can only accommodate up to 5 users, and all additional users will be locked out.

If the invite link gets reset, the old link will no longer be in use. Ask your team owner for a new invite link to join, or ask them to send a direct invite link to your inbox by adding your email into the team.

Q: What happens if the team owner leaves the team?

Team owners will be asked to assign the “Owner” role to another team member before leaving the team. There will be no disruptions to billing since the plan is tied to the entire team and not to the individual paying member.

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