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Adding images to your document during the writing process can greatly enhance its effectiveness and impact. By incorporating relevant and well-chosen images, you can engage your readers on a visual level, making your document more engaging, memorable, and persuasive. 

How to add images in Documents

First, place your cursor on a new line and click the image icon located on the editor toolbar.

Next, you can choose to upload an image or insert an image using URL.

To embed a link, right click on the web image and select "Copy Image Address", then paste the copied link into the text box.

That's it! You've successfully added an image.

Resizing an image

To resize your image, select the image, then click and drag on the grey space located to the right of the image.

Adding captions

Captions are important to help your readers understand the image. To add a caption, select the image, then click on the "Add caption" button located at the bottom left of the image.

Moving an image

You can easily move images around the document. Simply select the image, then drag it up or down. The black line that appears indicates where your image will be dropped when you let go of your mouse.

Deleting an image

To delete an image, select your image, then hit backspace or delete on your keyboard.

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