Using HypoDoc

HypoDoc is a new feature that makes it easy for you to go through lengthy documents—simply upload a file, then query it for information like you’re chatting with a colleague, and the AI will extract key insights for you.

We won't be charging for credits during our beta period, so give it a go and let us know your feedback!

How to use HypoDoc

Using HypoDoc is easy. Follow the steps below to get started:

First, go to HypoDoc, which is located in the sidebar under HypoChat.

1. Uploading your file

To upload a file, click on the upload box, or drag and drop your file into the upload box located in the ‘Chats’ bar to the left.

HypoDoc currently only supports files in PDF format.

Wait for a few seconds while the AI reads your file. When it’s ready, you will receive a quick summary of your document and some suggested questions to start.

Note: Your file must be smaller than 32MB.

Query the AI by typing your questions into the chatbox.

The AI is designed to understand natural language, so while you can type in a simple question, being specific will help HypoDoc give you a good response.

You can ask sequential questions to make the most of HypoDoc's good memory. HypoDoc will remember what you talked about before and can give you more detailed and relevant information in response to your follow-up questions.

To make the most out of the tool, you can also ask HypoDoc to search the web for relevant webpages that support your research.

Example Prompts

  • Find related sources: Find me some sources online that support this observation/claim/trend.
  • Compare information: Extract the key points from [https://…] and highlight the main differences between the two.
  • Consolidate information: Include the key points from [https://…] and write a summary in bullet point form.

Getting started with HypoChat

HypoDoc is a cool new feature on HypoChat. Refer to our HypoChat help guide for tips and tricks on how to make use of this powerful tool.


As we continue to work on improving HypoDoc, here are several points to note on the usage of the tool:

  • PDFs that contain only media (like images or videos) cannot be read.
  • Your PDF file must be smaller than 32MB.
  • We impose a rate limit on the usage of HypoChat as part of our fair use policy.


My file is smaller than 32mb. Why can’t I upload it?

You will no longer be able to upload a file once you hit your rate limit. Consider upgrading your subscription plan to continue using HypoChat immediately, or wait for the rate limit to reset on your next billing date.

Can HypoDoc read non-English documents?

Yes—we support over 30 input and output languages. Simply query HypoChat in any of the supported languages to get a response in your language.

Is the information retrieved by HypoDoc rewritten or plagiarized?

Nope, HypoDoc references the PDF document but writes everything from scratch. When it retrieves content from URL links, the AI reads the content and rewrites the information completely.

Will my uploaded documents be kept private?

Absolutely. User privacy is our top priority and we put in place robust systems to safeguard your data with us.

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