Writing longer articles with Compose

Looking to generate longer blog posts with Hypotenuse AI? Here are a few ways you can do it.


 Use the Compose feature to add more detail to an already generated paragraph.

Think of it as a magic command that recognizes patterns that are already in your section.

Clicking an empty space in the blog article editor will turn up an option to Compose. When you click the button, the AI will detect what you've already written for that section, recognize the patterns of what you've written and add more detail to it. 

What can you do with Compose?

Continue writing more details

Simply click 'Compose' at the end of your paragraph, and our AI will continue writing more detail for it

Create or continue a list
  • Typing "Here's a list of actionable tips:", then clicking the Compose button will give you a list of bullets of tips relevant to that section.
  • Typing "Here's a list of top 10 [topic]:", then clicking the Compose button will do the same
  • Any other list you might think of!
Add an example to your section

Typing  "For example," followed by clicking the 'Write more' button will give you a paragraph that goes into an example.

Command our AI to create H3s for the section

Typing "Write a list of more subheadings for this section." followed by the 'Compose' button will give you a list of H3s to elaborate on for your section.

A quick 4 min run through of the feature:

Add more paragraphs to generate more

When generating your article, you can click "Add paragraph" in the outline field to input more H2 sections. 

Once you add your paragraph, you can use checkboxes to select the only the H2 paragraphs you want to generate more content for.

Reselecting H2 sections that are already in your article will not replace previously generated paragraphs.With each generation, new paragraphs will be added to the end of your article.

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