Tips & Tricks: Generating Better Blog Posts

Let’s delve into some of the best practices to generate better blog articles with Hypotenuse AI.

Creating your title

Optimize your inputs

The quality of the blog post is affected by how much, as well as what you give our AI to work with. The title is where you first start, and it's important to give enough context to our AI.

Don’t overload the AI with long paragraphs of information, as it will be more prone to repeating that information in your article.

However, do provide enough context so it can stay on track with the topic you have in mind.

Describe your topic

Under “Describe your topic,” keep it short but specific.

As a rule of thumb, add 1 to 2 sentences in this field, and the format you want your post to be in.

For example, don’t just type “water” and let the AI write anything under the sun about H2O. Instead, something like “A list of benefits and how much water to drink daily” would give a clear scope of what you want your article to cover.

Primary keyword

The “Primary keyword” field can also help the AI generate more relevant and SEO-friendly content.

You can use single keywords like “drink” or longer-tail keywords such as “health benefits of water”. Add up to 3 keywords or phrases for each article, but we recommend that you stick to one primary keyword.

Personalize your content to you

When generating titles and outlines for your blog post, you can make use of the “Advanced options” section .

Filling in these fields are optional. However, they can help the AI tailor the content to your audience, or promote your brand/product/service in the article itself and highlight its best features.

Describe your audience: Our AI will write with reference to your target audience.
Describe your brand: Promote your business in the blog post.
Describe your product or service: Briefly give an overview of a specific product or service that you want to promote in the blog article.

Tone: Set the mood of the blog post.
There are 4 tone settings available: “Authoritative,” “Conversational,” “Enthusiastic,” and “Humorous.”
You can also input one word in “Describe your own tone.” Our AI will be able to understand almost any tone word!

Point of view: Address your readers from a certain perspective to create more intimacy or lend an air of authority to your article.
The available options are:

  • “First-person” (plural or singular)
  • “Second-person
  • “Third person”

Select the right title

The title you choose affects the outlines and article content generated.

For example, “Water: More than Just a Delicious Drink” will likely get you very different results from “7 Reasons Why Water Is Good for You”.

Each generation gives you 6 titles to choose from. Feel free to generate more titles and select one that accurately reflects the content and format you want for your article.

Have a title in mind? You can always add your own title by clicking “…or click to write your own title”.

In the same vein, make sure you choose the right outline to suit your content.

Generating Content

Add keypoints

In the article generator, each outline point will have an “Add an optional key point” section which optionally lets you describe what that section should cover.

This gives you some control over the information in the content generated. You can also use this feature to promote a business or product in that particular section.

Think in short bullet points, as if you were outlining a draft. Try not to type in long sentences, otherwise the AI will tend to repeat most of what you have typed.

You can input up to 3 key points for each section—just remember to add by pressing enter or clicking the + symbol after each one.

Generate again for a different perspective

After you generate the article, you can always ask our AI to write more content for the same article.

You can click “Add paragraph” to include another section, or re-generate content.

This will not replace the content that’s already there—it will simply generate additional paragraphs which will be added to the end of the previous article.

Ensure that only the paragraphs you want to write more content for are selected before clicking “Generate more”.

Use the Edit & Share Functions

Although our AI generates high-quality content, don’t be afraid to make your own edits and additions.

You can use the toolbar to change the formatting of words and headers, add bulleted or numbered lists, and link URLs.

Finally, hit “Share” to publish! This will create a public page for your article so you can better preview how it looks. 

The article will not be searchable, but you will be provided with a link which you can copy to share it with others!

By following these practices, you will be able to get the most out of your AI-generated content.

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