Tone of Voice

Our AI is able to write in various styles, using different tones. This can help you write for various situations and audiences.

Tone sets the mood of an article and reflects your attitude towards the topic. 

When generating your blog post, you can select from 4 different options under Tone:

  1. Conversational: Create a friendly and casual vibe, like having a chat over coffee.
  2. Enthusiastic: Be passionate and engaging! Get your readers excited.
  3. Humorous: Add a touch of laughter and humor to lighten the mood.
  4. Professional: Sound confident and knowledgeable—show your expertise in the field.
  5. Singlish: Our limited edition tone, as we hail from sunny Singapore! Singlish is an informal, colloquial form of English that is used in Singapore.

If you want to refine the tone further, you can add a keyword to Describe your own tone.

You might be wondering: what kind of tone can I use?

For example, you might want to write in an “inspirational,” “objective,” or “disappointed” tone. Our AI will be able to recognize almost any tone word!

Here are some ideas:

Tone Usage Example
Direct A direct tone is straightforward and assertive without being aggressive. You can read all the self-help books and motivational quotes you want, but it’s discipline that will get you results.
Formal A formal tone is no-nonsense and professional. It is free of slang words, contractions, and emotive language. In regard to coffee, factors to consider include taste, caffeine content, and health benefits.
Informative An informative tone is clear and straightforward. It is simply meant to relay facts and information. The highest mountain peak in North America is Mount McKinley in Alaska.
Inspirational An inspirational tone is uplifting. It conveys positivity, enthusiasm, and hope. If you dig deep, you can overcome anything. So take challenges head-on, and show them what you're made of.
Joyful A joyful tone is light, airy, and upbeat. It creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Christmas is simply magical. No other time of the year comes close!
Objective An objective tone is unbiased and informative. It does not let personal feelings or opinions get in the way. Smoking cigarettes can reduce anxiety. It can also increase the risk of lung cancer and heart disease.
Playful A playful tone is lighthearted and engaging. It’s not afraid to be a bit silly or irreverent. Sure, you’re a “grown-up” with “responsibilities” now. But who says you can’t still have a little fun?
Sincere A sincere tone is candid and trustworthy. It conveys genuine intentions without ulterior motives. I made a lot of mistakes with my first business. I hope sharing my experience can help young entrepreneurs just starting out.
Thoughtful A thoughtful tone is balanced and precise. It demonstrates careful consideration of the audience and topic. While the recent apple shortage has been attributed to worms, there are likely other factors at play as well.
Urgent An urgent tone is direct and concise. It conveys a sense of importance and immediacy. Foreign spies are already making inroads into our institutions, gaining positions of power and influence.

You can read more on tone in voice in this article we wrote.

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