Generating Meta Titles and Descriptions in Bulk

Meta titles and descriptions are the first thing users see on search engines before they click in.

It also lets search engines understand your page content to know what to rank you for.

On Hypotenuse AI, meta titles and descriptions generated are kept to 60 characters and 155–160 characters respectively.

They follow SEO best practices like staying relevant to your target keyword, matching search intent, and properly representing your content.

Whether you're looking to write new meta titles and descriptions or update your current ones, here's how you can do it on Hypotenuse AI.

Generating from URL and/or additional details of your product or service

  1. Head to our meta title and description tool.

You can access it by scrolling to the Site section and clicking on Meta titles and descriptions.

  1. Add a new collection and name it

  1. Click on the collection you've just created

  1. Import your .csv file

  1. Upload your .csv or .xlsx file by dragging it into this box or clicking on it.

Your file should include these headers.

  • Primary keyword (required) Add 1 primary SEO keyword. Our AI might rephrase to try and make the description sound more natural.
  • Webpage URL This is the URL of the page for which you are creating meta titles and descriptions.
  • Additional details Enter any additional details that could provide better context. This includes existing meta content, product descriptions, or secondary keywords.

If you don't already have your pages published, you can provide additional details to help our AI generate your meta titles and descriptions.

If you're looking to rewrite them for the existing pages on your website, you can just use your URL.

The more information you provide, the better the quality of the content. So the best thing you can do is to use both URL and additional details so our AI is fully equipped to produce strong meta copy.

  1. Click on Bulk generate.

  1. You can choose to generate descriptions for all products in the New tab or just the page you're on. Then hit Generate.

  1. On each meta title and description, you can choose to Regenerate or Mark as done. You can also edit the titles and descriptions directly in the editor. And once you're happy with the meta titles and descriptions, hit Export.

  1. Select the format you'd like to export it to. Your file will include your primary keyword, webpage URL and additional details, as well as 2 additional columns for your meta titles and descriptions.
    1. Update the Item Primary Keyword, Webpage URL, and Additional Details of each item in the exported file If you made any edits to your input and you want them updated in your exported file, select this.
    2. Include items without a selected description If you'd like to export items that don't have a completed description, select this.
    3. Include unselected descriptions If you didn't click on Select for each meta title and description, select this.

And you're done! If you need further support, please reach out to and a member of our team would be more than happy to assist you.

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