SEO Score

Having a systematic way to review your article helps ensure you don't miss any SEO opportunities.

Our SEO score is computed based on a professional set of SEO rules. It recomputes as you refine your article.

Go above 50% to achieve basic SEO optimization, hit 80% for a well-optimized article.

How we calculate the SEO score of your article

Scoring factors Description
H1 title Inclusion of primary keyword
H2 titles Inclusion of primary keyword in at least 1 H2 title
Readability Usage of paragraphing and titles to break up chunks of text
Semantically-related keywords Usage of secondary keywords that are conceptually linked to your primary keyword
Coherence The flow of your sentences and paragraphs
Search intent How well your article matches search intent
Keyword density Usage frequency of primary keyword and keyword stuffing
Content depth and length How comprehensive your article is
Quality of writing How engaging and original your content is
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