Working in SEO pro mode

Part of the SEO article writing process includes Googling your keywords and analyzing PAAs and H2s of top SERPs.

SEO pro mode does that for you, automatically. When you toggle it on, you’ll see PAAs and H2s from top SERPs on the left. These are pulled live from the web.

You can use this research to generate your outlines automatically or manually.

Automatic outline generation

If you've toggled on the SEO pro mode, your outline will already reference top SERPs and PAAs. If you'd like to regenerate your outline, click on 🪄Generate from SERP.

Manual outline generation

Review the H2s and PAAs. Choose the ones you want to write about. Hover over and click “Add to outline”. This will fill up your selected outline on the right.

Improve your outline

When you’re happy with the contents of your outline, click on 🪄Improve. Our AI will rephrase and reorganize your outline to make it flow smoothly.

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