Generating Blogs in Bulk

Bulk generation is a powerful feature that helps you generate multiple blogs at once so you can create content at scale for your business.

Using the bulk blog generation feature

First, navigate to the “Bulk generation” tab located on the left sidebar. Then click on “+ New folder” to create a new folder that will house all your generated blogs.

Name your folder, then select “Blog articles” under “Content type” and choose a “Tone” you prefer. You can also toggle the input and output languages according to your needs. When you’re ready, hit “Create”.

There are 2 ways you can add your blog topics for bulk generation.

The first is by adding them individually. To do this, click on “+ New item” and fill in the content card that appears. You can keep adding new items one at a time until you’re ready to generate.

Blog topics can also be added by importing a CSV file. To do so, click on “Import CSV” and download a sample CSV file from the “Download sample” link in the pop-up card. A file titled “blog_sample.csv” will be automatically downloaded onto your device.

Refer to the examples given in the sample CSV file to fill in the respective columns with the right information.

Save your completed CSV file once it’s done.

Next, drag and drop your CSV file into the upload area, then click “Upload CSV”.

Check through your uploaded items and make any changes you need. When you’re ready, click the “Bulk generate” button located below the “New item” button and hit “Generate”.

Depending on the number of blogs it’s generating, it will take a couple of minutes for generation to be done.

Once the blogs have been generated, they will be moved to the “Editing” tab where you can make changes directly to the generated output.

If you’re unsatisfied with any of the output, you can regenerate the entire blog by hitting the “Regenerate” button. Note that regeneration costs words.

Happy with the generated blogs? Click “Export CSV” to download the blogs into a convenient CSV file.

Deleting blogs

To delete a blog, click the Trash icon on the purple sidebar. Note that when you delete a content card, all the generated (and regenerated) blogs within the content card gets deleted as well.

Delete all your content cards by checking the “Select all” checkbox located below the “All” tab and clicking “Delete”.

The bulk blog feature is an excellent tool for any content marketing strategy, providing efficiency, consistency, and flexibility for generating content at scale.

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