Generating A Summary

The Hypotenuse AI summarizer is a handy tool that can quickly provide a condensed summary of your text, webpage, or document.

How to use the AI summarizer

First, navigate to the AI summarizer, which is located in the sidebar under Templates > General.

Using the AI summarizer is easy. Here are 3 ways to do it:

1. Upload a file

The first method is uploading your file directly. Navigate to the 'Upload File' tab and click on the upload box and you will be prompted to upload a PDF, DOCX, TXT, CSV, XLS, or XLSX file from your computer. You can also easily drag and drop your file into the summarizer.

Note: Your file must be smaller than 32MB and under 200,000 characters.

2. Drop a YouTube or web link

Web links are also supported. Simply toggle to the 'Add URL' tab and drop your desired link.

If you drop a YouTube link, our tool's AI will analyze the video's transcript and identify key ideas to highlight.

The AI summarizer supports most URLs as long as they contain text, though pages that are private, paywalled, require authentication, or contain only media (like images, videos or PDFs) cannot be read.

3. Paste text

You can also input your text directly by copying and pasting your text into the input field. This is an effective way to summarize material collated from various sources.

Toggle to the 'Paste text' tab to do so.

Summary Format

Next, choose between ‘Paragraph’ or ‘Bullet points’ for your summary by clicking on the respective buttons. The button will grey out when it’s selected.

Once you’re ready, hit 'Generate' and receive a summary of your text on the right.


As we continue to work on improving the summarizer, here are several points to note on the usage of the tool:

  • The summarizer can only summarize content up to 200,000 characters (~28k to 40k words).
  • Webpages and files that are private, paywalled, require authentication, or contain only media (like images, videos or PDFs) cannot be read.
  • YouTube videos that are age-restricted, or do not have a transcript, are not supported.
  • YouTube Live and Shorts are not supported.
  • Your file must be smaller than 32MB.


My file is under 32MB. Why can't it be read fully?

The AI summarizer can only read up to 200,000 characters of text, no matter the file size. In cases where the character limit is exceeded, only the first 200,000 characters will be used.

I provided a valid YouTube link. Why is it not working?

The AI summarizer works by reading the transcript tied to the YouTube video. Generation fails when a transcript cannot be found, or if the video is age-restricted. YouTube Live and Shorts are also not supported.

How can I get a shorter or longer summary?

At the moment, we are working on improving the AI summarizer to allow users to choose the output length. For now, output length has been set between 150–350 words.

Is the summarized content rewritten or plagiarized?

The AI summarizer produces everything independently on its own, without copying. When it retrieves content from URLs, the AI summarizer reads that material and rewrites details in its own words.

Which languages are supported on the AI summarizer?

We support over 30 input and output languages. To change your language settings, click the Language button on the top bar and select from the dropdown.

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