What to ask HypoChat

Looking for ways to make the most out of HypoChat? We've compiled some ideas for you below.

Brainstorm ideas

Writing is a lonely process and creatives often suffer from writer’s block outside of writing itself. You can bounce ideas off HypoChat, and get inspiration for content ideas and angles.

Research workflow

  1. What are some trending topics I can write about for a blog on [your niche]?
  2. Can you group them into different topic clusters?
  3. Suggest some sub-topics that could go under each topic cluster
  4. For each of the topics, suggest key points that could go under them


  • Brainstorm 5 top keywords that I can use for a page on X based on global search volume
  • Generate a list of semantic keywords related to X
  • Explain the value propositions of this product to me: [https://…]
    • Follow-up: Come up with some ideas on how to compete with these value props

Ad campaigns & outbound emails

  • Write an outbound email for this product: [https://…]
  • Write a catchy headline about X under 30 characters
  • Write a benefits-focused description about [https://…] under 90 characters
  • Write a sales pitch to convince [your persona] to buy X
  • You sell X. Draft a proposal outline for an ad campaign targeting [customer segment] during the holiday season. Elaborate on the marketing tools and channels that will be used in the campaign.

Landing pages

  • Generate 5 FAQs for this URL: [https://…]
    • Follow-up: Generate answers to the FAQ questions
  • Create a landing page outline for a page for X
    • Follow-up: For each of the sections, suggest key points that could be added
  • List 3 benefits of X and explain how they work

Repurposing content

  • Summarize this article in 5 takeaways: [https://…]
  • Rewrite [https://…] in a humorous tone
  • Paraphrase this paragraph in under 20 words: [text]
  • Simplify this paragraph and write it as an intro to a YouTube video: [text]

Writing & analysis

  • Write the introduction to a video / podcast about X
  • Write a scene about X in the style of [popular film director]
  • Compare and contrast between X and Y
  • Write a 200-word review of X, focusing on the theme of regret
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