Integrating with Webflow

If you're using Webflow, you don't have to copy and paste your blog articles.

We have a direct integration—so you'll only have to set it up once. And when you complete an article on Hypotenuse AI, you can export it to Webflow with a few clicks.

Set up the integration with Webflow

  1. Go to the Integrations page on Hypotenuse AI.
  2. On the Webflow card, click on Connect. This will direct you to log in to Webflow if you're not already logged in.
  3. Return to Hypotenuse AI and select your workspace.
  4. If the integration is successful, you'll see the label CONNECTED on the Webflow card.

Note: Each user can connect to 1 Webflow account. Within the account, you can link to multiple workspaces or multiple sites within 1 workspace.

Export your article to Webflow

  1. Click the arrow up button on the top right of our blog editor and select Export to Webflow.
  2. If you have connected to multiple workspaces or sites, you'll be able to select it here.
  3. Select your blog post collection and map your fields. On the left are your fields on Webflow. The right shows content from Hypotenuse AI.
    1. The Article title is the name of your article
    2. The Article content is your blog content.
    3. The Article outline shows your H2s.
    4. The Article keywords are the ones you entered on the title stage.
    5. Custom values allow you to key in customized text.
  4. Click on Export and you’re done!
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