Adding a Reference File for Blog

Using a reference file can help the AI understand your topic better and reference important information that you want included in the blog.

How to upload a reference file

First, navigate to the blog article workflow. You can do this by going to 'Documents' and clicking 'Blog articles'.

Once you’re in, click ‘Add reference file (optional)’ and you will be prompted to upload a PDF or DOCX file from your computer.

The AI will take a few seconds to process your reference file. While waiting, fill in your topic description in the text field and add in some primary keywords if needed.

When it’s ready, you will be able to generate titles for your topic.

Learn more about writing a factual article with the blog article workflow here.

Some tips and tricks to help you write better with AI.

Use Content Detective to research key talking points.


Here are several points to note on the usage of the tool:

  • Your file must be smaller than 32MB and not more than 200,000 characters (~28k to 40k words) in length.
  • Files that are password-protected, or contain only media (like images or gifs) cannot be processed.
  • Only PDF and DOCX files are supported.


My file is under 32MB. Why can't it be processed?

The AI writer can only read up to 200,000 characters of text, no matter the file size. Files exceeding 200,000 characters in length cannot be processed.

Which file formats can I use?

The AI writer currently supports PDF and DOCX files.

Can I use multiple reference files?

At present, only 1 reference file can be used for every blog article. The option to add multiple reference files is a feature our team will be working on in the upcoming weeks.

Is the reference content rewritten or plagiarized?

Our AI writer doesn't just copy and paste from other sources. When it retrieves information from your reference file, the AI writer takes in all the information, processes it, and then produces an entirely new piece in its own words.

Which languages are supported?

At the moment, the AI writer can only process reference files in English. We’re working to enhance support for more languages in future.

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